Team Tuebor
Keeps it Simple

We can embed in your teams, provide expert advice from the sideline, start new teams, fix broken teams, streamline your software development lifecycle (SDLC), create a PMO, help write and get you shipping software right away.

313-603-5632 | jvo@teamtuebor.com

Business Consulting

We have...

  1. Certified Scrum Masters - CSM
  2. Certified Product Owners - CSPO
  3. User Experience Experts (iRise Certified)
  4. Program/Project Managers
  5. Automated Testers

Software Development

We will...

  1. Outline your business needs
  2. Develop your Epics (high level business needs)
  3. Identify your minimum viable product (MVP)
  4. Generate your backlog
  5. Estimate the work
  6. Develop
  7. Deliver

Automated Testing

We will...

  1. Review your current regression suite
  2. Build a regression suite if necessary
  3. Identify your APIs
  4. Setup the environment
  5. Build your automation suite
  6. Maintain your auomated suite
  7. Help you rapidy ship software

What to Expect

Just some of the things you can expect from our team, and the results you'll see by leveraging our services.

313-603-5632 | jvo@teamtuebor.com

Dedicated Team

This is a veteran owned company, and we take pride in the work we do. We have a “don't quit” attitude and we'll work with you until the job is done.


We have experience in a number of different verticals – everything from government contracting to small software development teams. When you call on us, the lessons we learned will be leveraged by you.

Delivered Product

We'll deliver what we set out to deliver. Whether it's a website, a new app, or building and training your teams - we do what we promise. We'll teach your teams to do the same thing.

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